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Rising of Julian Adams, The by Richard Alan

The Rising of Julian Adams by Richard Alan“Julian Adams rises from the grave, not knowing what he is except a vicious predator. His bite changes others, some become like him, but others become something worse. They turn others creating two distinct communities sustained by human blood. Julian rises as the leader of this new race while haunted by his creation of his nemesis. The ancient Marcian Counsel, the United States, and the evil Scottonian Order vie for dominance against Julian, his people, their strategies, their mutations, and his rise to Emperor. The battlefield is Northern California. He discovers that behind their health, their youth, their strengths, and their mutations is the secret – they are vampires!" (Summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback info: ISBN 1465349138, Xlibris Corp, November 2011

Kindle info: ASIN B00653WH1G, Xlibris Corp, November 2011

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