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Ruby Tear, The by Rebecca Brand (Suzy McKee Charnas)

[The Ruby  Tear]"Jessamyn has no idea why she's suddenly lost Nic. When she woke up after the car accident, she found he's quietly but determinedly dropped out of her life. Now he's written a play that's sure to be a hit -- and he'll do anything to keep her out of the starring role.

Everyone thinks that Nic's new play is fantasy, but the playwright knows the truth. The real Ruby Tear, the jewel he'd named the play for, has cursed the Griffin family for a thousand years. By fighting her way into the starring role, Jassamyn puts herself in more danger than she can imagine -- especially when the enigmatic European Baron von Cragga begins showering her with romantic attention. Is he a friend or foe? And what does he know about the real Ruby Tear?" (from book cover)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812571320, Tor Books, 1997

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