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Saberhagen’s Dracula by Fred Saberhagen

[The Dracula Tape]The Dracula Tape

The story of Mina Harker and vampire hunters who pursue the Count and drive him to even more ruthless actions. Count Dracula sets the record straight as Saberhagen presents the transcripts of his tapes. Voted best novel featuring Dracula at 'Dracula 97: a Centennial Celebration'.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812523830, Tor Books

The Holmes-Dracula File

An interesting partnership indeed: Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula. Holmes is investigating a ring of criminals who threaten to spread the plague around London, as well as a bizarre killer who leaves no clues. Dracula holds the key to these mysteries and becomes involved when he returns to London for personal reasons.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812523849, Tor Books

An Old Friend in the Family

Morgan Le Fay, vampiress, preys on the Southerland family. One member has become undead while another had mysteriously disappeared, causing the family to call on an old friend, Count Dracula, as their protector.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812523857, Tor Books


Vlad Tepes, in present times, pursues murderous art thieves who have stolen the portrait of his lost love. She is a princess who he was ordered to kill but ended up losing his heart to. It turns out that the thieves want to steal more than just art from the Master Vampire -- they want his secrets of life and death. Tells the story of Dracula's life before he became a vampire.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812503163, Tor Books



Vlad Tepes, who has wandered modern day America without fear, suddenly finds that he is not the only immortal in Chicago. He meets Merlin, who is controlled by Morgan La Fay. They become locked in the struggle for the ultimate magic Weapon, a struggle which leads them to New York. Vlad races to hide the weapon, and he is willing to destroy whoever gets in his way.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812523865, Tor Books

A Matter of Taste

"He was once called Dracula, but in present-day Chicago he's known as Matthew. Since he's risked his un-life to protect the Southerland family many times, they call him Uncle Matthew. An old enemy tries to kill Matthew, and now the Southerlands must rise to Matthew's defense." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812525752, Tor Books

[Question of Time]

A Question of Time

"In 1935, Conservation Corps worker Jake Rezner meets a beautiful and mysterious young girl in the Grand Canyon. She leads him deep into the rocks, to a bizarre sculptor named Edgar Tyrell. Soon Jake finds himself lost in time, unable to return. Almost 60 years later private detective Joe Keogh has been hired to locate a missing girl--the great niece of Edgar Tyrell. But Tyrell is nosferatu, and he would sculpt in the sands of reality itself. So Keogh must call on Mr. Strangeways, An Old Friend of the Family and Lord of the Vampires, to battle an undead menace from beyond time!" (summary & picture from Saberhagen's Dracula page)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812525779

[Seance for a Vampire]

Seance for a Vampire

Dracula is summoned by Doctor Watson to save Sherlock Holmes. Holmes went missing at a seance held for Louisa Altamont, where she appeared as an undead nosferatu. Alternately narrated by Watson and Dracula.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812533488, Tor Books

[Sharpness on the Neck]

A Sharpness on the Neck

"In 1792, Philip Radcliffe comes to France to deliver a letter to Thomas Payne only to doom himself and his descendants to suffer a vampire's eternal vengeance. In present day, Philip and June Radcliffe are kidnapped on their honeymoon. Their captor, a mysterious Mr. Graves, swears that he aims to protect them. Yet as the thrilling story unfolds, involving Napoleon, the Marquis de Sade, and the Scarlet Pimpernel, as well as Jerry Cruncher and Detective Dupin, the young couple refuses to believe him--a mistake that is certain to cost them their lives." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0812550056, Tor Books
Hardcover Info: ISBN 0312857993, Tor Books

[A Coldness in the Blood]

A Coldness in the Blood

"Matthew Maule has seen many horrific things in his five hundred years as one of the most powerful vampires in the world. But even his formidable talents cannot predict the unthinkable acts about to occur within his own home.

When the vampire Dickon and his human partner appear in the middle of the night frightened for their lives, Matthew offers them protection. They carry with them a small Egyptian statue of great value and many secrets. By morning, Matthew has woken from a mysterious trance to discover that Dickon's human friend has been brutally murdered, the vampire has gone missing, and their statue has been smashed to pieces. Matthew has also made a dangerous new enemy, one who possesses strength even Matthew may be no match for.

For the statue is no ordinary artifact, but one of six replicas. However, only one contains a gem in the center, a stone of unimaginable magical power that could spell the end of humanity if it ever fell in the wrong hands.

Matthew sets out on a heart-pounding journey to track down the remaining statues before his ancient foe finds them. Racing across the country, the vampire teams up with both the living and the undead, though not all are the allies they pretend to be. Using his wits, he must unearth the answers to a millennia-old mystery in order to prepare himself for a final showdown against the evil stalking him at every turn. Acclaimed fantasy and science fiction author Fred Saberhagen takes readers along for a trek of unbelievable suspense, action, and pure page-turning entertainment." (summary from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0765300451, Tor Books, 2002

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