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Shadow Saga by Christopher Golden

[Saints &  Shadows]Of Saints and Shadows

"When a mysterious and ancient book, called The Gospel of Shadows, is stolen from a secret sect dedicated to the destruction of vampires, private detective Peter Octavian--a vampire himself--is drawn into a desperate search for the missing book." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441005705, Ace Books

[Angel Souls  & Devil Hearts]

Angel Souls and Devil Hearts

"The Shadows have been exposed. The ancient vampiric race now finds itself in danger of the most powerful demon of all--human prejudice. In a world where the good are no longer recognizable from the bad, where Shadows are indeed the saints, a holy war is about to begin, pitting humans and vampires against the darkest demons of the Pit." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0441005780, Ace Books

[Masques &  Martyrs]

Of Masques and Martyrs

"Led by Peter Octavian, the Shadows must drink blood. Yet they do not steal life. New Shadows are created only by individual choice. Peace is their only hunger. The minions of Hannibal have a different goal: the enslavement of humanity. They kill for pleasure and for thirst. They indescriminately create more of their own. And they embrace the title of terrible legend: vampire. Shadows and vampires. One and the same. Their war continues..." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0441005845, Ace Books

[The Gathering Dark]

The Gathering Dark

"Christopher Golden's long-awaited return to his critically-acclaimed Shadow Saga features Peter Octavian-once a vampire, now a powerful mage-as the only man powerful enough to stop a supernatural armageddon..." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0441005845, Ace Books

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