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Shadows Bite by Stephen Dedman

[Shadows  Bite]"Something is amiss in Los Angeles. A body vanishes from the morgue. The errant son of L.A.'s most notorious necromancer has unleashed demons that not even his father can control. Real vampires are suddenly appearing among the wannabes at the Crypt, a local goth café. And a yakuza boss has put out a contract on stuntman Charlie Takumo's friend Michelangelo "Mage" Magistrale, seeking vengeance--and a magical "key" that unlocks enormous power.

The plight of Takumo and Mage deepens when they're caught up in a series of mysterious night time deaths that suddenly plagues the City of Angels. Caught in a deadly crossfire between assassins and terrors from ancient legend, they'll need all of Takumo's fighting skills--and Mage's magic--if they want to survive to see the dawn, because . . . Shadows Bite" (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0312877838, Tor Books, 2001

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