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Shadow’s Embrace by Astrid Cooper

[Shadow's  Embrace]"Time travel, dark fantasy, loosely based on Aboriginal myths, SHADOW'S EMBRACE is set in Australia. Her friend, Annie, is dead, a victim of a Vampire Killer (the press' designation) who has trashed their cottage, destroyed all of Ebony Robertson's paintings except one: a portrait of Garkain, the Aboriginal vampire-demon. Ebony isn't sure if she is having stress-induced hallucinations, but she is sure that having Rafael de Silva, an Interpol agent, stay in her house is dangerous in many more ways than one (especially in matters of emotion and body responses). As their relationship progresses, the reader learns that Vampires have been around for a long time and now, the last of the Old Blood is in South Australia and his intentions are not exactly pure." (summary from a review by Patricia White)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0958699844, JB Books, 1998

Website: www.astridcooper.com

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