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Taste of Blood Wine, A by Freda Warrington

[Taste of Blood  Wine]"Karl von Wultendorf, though a vampire himself, is completely under the power of his maker, Kristian, who demands total servitude. Karl is determined to kill him. But vampires, as Karl well knows, are almost indestructible.

Charlotte Neville is the daughter of a Cambridge professor. She has grown up questioning all that she sees and because of this, is seen as a wall flower by British society. She lives with her father and assists him with his experiments at his laboratory.

When Karl meets, and falls in love with, Charlotte, he realizes that he must find a way to kill Kristian. For Kristian has decided to teach Karl a lesson in power, by devouring Charlotte." (from the publisher)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1892065487, Meisha Merlin Pub., 2002

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