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Templar’s Fire by Larry Schliessmann

[Templar's  Fire]Edwin Blutleer, Knight Templar and vampire. 600 years ago his Templar comrades, in the Holy Land on crusade, abandoned him in the searing heat of an Egyptian battlefield. He was rescued not by any living being, but by an inhuman creature who turned his sun baked, ruined body into the immortal Blutleer. His cousin, Pierre DeVeze, led the slaughter of Edwin's family, in an attempt to destroy the horrible creature Edwin had become. Now, Easter 1888, Edwin is ready to exact his final revenge by killing the last of the DeVeze bloodline. But the mother of the last survivors, the beautiful Amanda Penderfield Willington, is entranced by Edwin. And for the third time in his 600-year existence of living death, Edwin succumbs to love for a Penderfield woman. Edwin remains firm in his plan to destroy the last DeVeze heirs on Easter Sunday, but will his love of Amanda stop him?

Paperback Info: ISBN 1411692306, Lulu.com, 2006

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