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Texas Vampire Series by Diane Whiteside

[Bond of Blood]Bond of Blood

"Once a medieval Spanish knight, Don Rafael Perez has been a vampire for seven centuries, clinging to his code of honor despite years of torture. He has risen to become the leader of the largest vampire territory in North America, spanning Texas and Oklahoma. But a cruel and seductively cunning rival is challenging his rule-fanning the flames of all-out war.

Adept at sending women into raptures of ecstasy while he feeds, Rafael has many willing lovers. But into his domain comes a woman he must deny himself: Grania O’Malley, a new veterinarian at the world-renowned Texas Hill Country Raptor Center. Rafael soon realizes he shares a bond with Grania he can’t explain and doesn’t trust. But neither can he stay away from her.

Grania, convinced that she can find a suitable husband through scientific research, has no explanation for why her body turns to molten fire at the mere sight of Rafael – or why her very existence tempts him into breaking every rule of both his body and his mind just when he needs to be stronger than ever… " (From DianeWhiteside.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0425207749, Berkley Trade, 2006

[Bond of Fire]Bond of Fire

"Ever since they saw each other across a glittering ballroom centuries ago, Jean-Marie St. Just and Hélène d’Agelet have loved each other. Yet no matter how passionate their attachment, it’s always been blocked by demands of duty and honor that neither can break. Jean-Marie, conceived for profit then tormented for decades before being saved by the vampire knight Don Rafael, would rather die than betray the only family he’s ever known. Hélène, firestarter and British secret agent, longs to regain a simpler life, while always haunted by an unsettled legacy of family ghosts and eternal evil.

Now Jean-Marie and Hélène face each other over something far stronger than ancient ecstasies: Jean-Marie is determined to kill Hélène’s sister, Madame Celeste – the vampire Queen of New Orleans – before she can destroy Jean-Marie’s family.

But for Hélène, that means choosing between the love of her life—or murdering her own flesh-and-blood…" (From DianeWhiteside.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0425224236, Berkley Trade, 2008

[Bond of Darkness]Bond of Darkness

"For 150 years, Ethan Templeton has happily followed Don Rafael Perez, vampire patron of Texas. But now Ethan has fallen in love with Stephanie Darling—known as Steve—a Texas Ranger and mere mortal. Unfortunately, a future with Steve is impossible. Because if Ethan turns her into a vampire, the price is execution by Don Rafael—the only one allowed to create vampires in Texas.

But working together to stop a serial killer makes Ethan reconsider the price of forever, especially with Steve’s life suddenly in danger. He can’t help but think it’s worth the gamble—especially if it means he’ll save the life of the woman he loves. But will Steve agree—or will she refuse her one chance at eternal life, lust, and love? " (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 042522354X, Berkley Trade, 2008

Anthology of Short Stories:

[The Hunter's Prey]The Hunter's Prey

"Acclaimed for "prose so steamy that it fogs one's reading glasses" (Booklist), Diane Whiteside's novels and short stories have kept vampire lovers begging for more. In this sizzling collection she crosses the border into the most hot-and-humid fantasies imaginable, featuring a trio of the most seductive bloodsuckers around. Look what Diane Whiteside has in mind:

Two wanton sisters are ushered into a world of sweltering carnal delights that only two strapping nightstalkers can offer.

A female cat burglar is caught in the act-and subjected to the most sublime punishment imaginable.

A reckless party girl with an insatiable craving for midnight cocktails meets a stranger with aninsatiable thirst of his own.

A generous young wife gives her husband the perfect present-a chance to indulge in his most dangerous fantasy.

A love-starved widow finds herself drawn to the intoxicating rhythms of a strangely compelling musician. " (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0425210359, Berkley Trade, 2006

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