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Sacrament, The by Morna McDermott

The Sacrament by Morna McDermott“The vampire is not only for teenagers in love. Who desires immortality more than the middle aged woman? The Sacrament is about forbidden love. But its also about family, friends, and the choices we make. To be human is to sacrifice. To be vampire is to have endless opportunities. The reader must ask themselves, as Campbell does, "What is our choice to be?" The Sacrament turns the traditional vampire love story on its head. Campbell is a successful middle-aged working mother and wife. Finn McGinnis is a former homeless alcoholic turned vampire. They met by chance 35 years ago, a chance meeting which changed both their lives. Yet neither Dr. Campbell Cote nor Finn McGinnis knows that their lives and their fates will be intertwined yet again, changing everything they believed or they knew about themselves, about life, and about love." (Summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback info: ISBN 0988528746, Morna McDermott, November 2012

Kindle info: ASIN 0988528711, Morna McDermott, November 2012

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