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Thorned Rose, A by J.L. Ault

[A Thorned Rose]Vala Nyx Brownell was a young girl with a seemingly typical life. Her father owned a prosperous business in which she worked, she lived in a large house with an enchanting rose garden, and she had been named the maid of honor in her best friend’s wedding. But there were little things about Vala that separated her from everyone else. Her mother had died suddenly during her birth, leaving Vala to grow up with an aloof father. Her features, especially her incredibly dark-blue eyes, didn’t seem to resemble either of her parents. She had dreams every night but couldn’t recall anything but shadows the next morning. Although she had often written poems during her adolescence, lately the words didn’t seem her own. And then there was the mystery behind the meaning of her own name — Chosen of the Night. Suddenly, two FBI agents enter Vala’s life with a story of shadows and power that somehow include her. Bodies of girls resembling Vala begin to surface with their necks torn open. Vala’s dreams become clearer and more concrete, displaying the fate behind a name and with that, a prophesized dawning of a new breed and the loss of another—humans. (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1413736831, PublishAmerica

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