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Traveling With the Dead by Barbara Hambly

[Traveling With  the Dead]"Down through the deathless centuries, vampires have hunted humans for sustenance and for sport. And though no mortal can resist their seductive spell, never have the living offered up their fellows to the vampires' insatiable appetites. Never -- until now. As a dangerous new century dawns over England, the forces of a foreign power feel confident they can harness the Undeads' depravity for their own sinister ends. Only one man on the side of good can see the terrifying potential of such an unholy alliance. But to destroy the web of evil being spun by the conspirators, he must board the luxurious Orient Express and descent into a nightmare world beyond his fiercest imaginings: the world of the notorious Don Simon Ysidro, oldest and most subtle of the hunters of the London night...

In Don Simon Ysidro, Barbara Hambly has created a vampire every bit as secudtive and menacing as any in literature. 'Traveling With the Dead' is a masterwork peopled with remarkable characters, playing out their fates in a haunting atmosphere of rampant sexuality... and bone-chilling dread." (from book cover)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0345407407, Del Rey, 1995

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