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Trelayne Inheritance, The by Colleen Shannon

The Trelayne  Inheritance"Arriving in England to connect with her late mother's estranged family and seeking answers to questions that have haunted her since childhood, research chemist Angelina Blythe Corbett is forced to come to terms with her startling heritage as she is swept up in a deadly battle between a ruthless, malevolent killer of ancient origin and the last of a noble line of legendary vampire slayers. Loosely linked to Shannon's earlier The Wolf of Haskell Hall, this compelling Gothic features not only superbly depicted primary and secondary characters but exceptionally vivid descriptions as well. Shannon skillfully weaves traditional vampire lore, including the sex-blood lust link, into the fabric of a gripping, explicitly sensual story that most fans will have difficulty putting down. Shannon has won several Romantic Times awards and lives in Georgetown, TX." (From Library Journal)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0505524937, Dorchester Publishing Company, 2002

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