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Twilight Healer by Barbara Custer

[Twilight  Healer]Scene: a teaching hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Time: 1995 The cast of characters includes Leslie Taite, a timid, bullied respiratory therapist; Alex Wallach, her friend and protector; Kenworthy Mason, Alex's arch-enemy and a killer who leaves a trail of bodies; and his lover, Drusilla Corbi, who wants Leslie dead. Sounds like one for the police? Not quite, Drusilla, Alex, and Kenworthy are vampires who escaped from Adria, an alternate world ruled by fire and the underworld god Hades. Bats serve as Hades's messengers. They spy on Kenworthy, Drusilla, Alex, and every other vampire because Hades plots the destruction of all vampires. But Leslie only knows that corpses are turning up in Philadelphia's alleys and wooded areas. She struggles with a learning impediment that causes her to make serious mistakes on her job; and later, she suffers from amnesia after a car accident. Despite the news reports, she refuses to acknowledge the existence of vampires until Drusilla kidnaps and tortures her. Alex comes to her rescue, but Leslie is forced to choose either his world or death. In TWILIGHT HEALER, Barbara Custer brings her medical background to the printed page, blending it with supernatural horror. It will keep readers up late... and have them think twice before walking through the woods after dark. (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1403354464, Authorhouse, 2003

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