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Twilight Hour by Brad Lawson

[Twilight  Hour]Katina and Angie are starting a new school year with hopes of a bright future. Everything appears to be going great, but not all is as it seems. Angie becomes plagued with horrid nightmares of mayhem and murder, and Katina searches for the man of Angie's dreams. She finds him in the most unlikely place, her family tree. Their lives are totally disrupted as they discover that Charles is much more than just a vision in Angie's head-he is a vampire. He soon includes them in his wicked plans to rule the world, using them as his pawns. Detective Richard Burke suddenly finds himself investigating a string of vicious murders. New Orleans becomes littered with mutilated bodies, bodies that are drained of blood. His investigations lead to a young college girl with a missing friend. Together, they hunt the monster responsible for all the chaos around them. They are soon face-to-face with the undead as they themselves become the hunted.

Paperback Info: ISBN 141379078X, PublishAmerica, 2005

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