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Under the Fang

Under the  FangPresented by the Horror Writers of America.

Includes the short stories:
The Miracle Mile by Robert R McCammon
Dancing Nitely by Nancy A Collins
Stokers Mistress by Clint Collins
Does The Blood Line Run On Time by Sidney Williams and Robert Petitt
Red Eve by Al Sarrantonio
We Are Dead Together by Charles De Lint
Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage by Chet Williamson
Advocates by Suzy McKee Charnas and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Special by Richard Laymon
Herrenrasse by J.N. Williamson
Duty by Ed Gorman
Midnight Sun by Brian Hodge
A Bloodsucker by David N. Meyer III
Prodigal Sun by Thomas F. Monteleone
There Are No Nightclubs In East Palo Alto by Clifford V. Brooks
Juice by Lisa W. Cantrell
Behind Enemy Lines by Dan Perez

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0671695738, Pocket, 1991

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