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Unholy Thirst by Richard Long and Terry Allen

[Unholy  Thirst]Josh and Ashlee arrive home to find the doors ripped from the hinges, the furniture demolished, the gruesome trail of blood on the floor. Their family is lurking in the shadows, waiting for them with hungry, leering mouths, fangs bared, fingers curled into monstrous talons. Mother, father, sister and brother-all murdered in a bloody orgy, now revived as a mindless pack of the evil undead. The nightmare's only begun as Josh and Ashlee destroy the vampires. Now on the run with no one to turn to, they end up at their grandparents house. Together, the two generations swear a solemn vow to find and destroy the demons that tore their lives apart. And the climatic battle is about to begin!

Paperback Info: ISBN 1413729967, PublishAmerica, 2004

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