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Vampire: 1989 by Brett A. Contreras


It is August of 1989, and Mike Aufiero has just graduated high school. The annual summer escape to the Adirondacks is not the thrill he had hoped it would be, and he soon arranges to return to Long Island. There, he and his sister have run of the family’s house, and the freedom to live it up in his last summer before college!

Unfortunately, a seemingly-harmless errand has brought a dark presence back to Massapequa, and Mike is not the only one with plans for the summer. It is not long before Mike and his friends find themselves embroiled in a vampire’s plot to found a new coven on Long Island, and it will suffer no interference.

Finding little or no support from parents or the police, the teenagers are now forced to confront the vampire and his rapidly-growing group of followers, which now even include several of their own friends. Can they prevail? Will anyone survive? Will Freshman College Orientation have been in vain?

Paperback Info: ISBN 1420865552, Authorhouse, 2005

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