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Vampire Apocalypse: Book One: Revelations by Katriena Knights

[Vampire  Apocalypse]"JULIAN: Lorelei Fletcher has no idea what she's getting into when she accompanies her friend Dina to a Halloween party. Soon she finds herself involved with Julian Cavanaugh, a chain-smoking vampire who represents traumatic change in the vampire community--change that can't begin without Lorelei.

NICHOLAS: Nicholas is a run-of-the-mill vampire, but every once in a while something goes terribly wrong with his victims. Driven by compulsion, he killed Dina--but he didn't. Why has she come back, only to be faced with death again as a result of Nicholas' strange affliction?

LUCIEN: Vivian has been a vampire 600 years, but she doesn't know the identity of the mysterious, scarred man who Turned her. Lucien's been around for 12,000 years and has lots of interesting stories--when he can remember them. Can he provide the key to Vivian's and Julian's mysteries?

LORELEI: Something happened to Lorelei when her blood became the catalyst for Julian's mysterious transformation, but nobody seems to know quite what that was. Now, with her life on the line, she must face what she's become, and decide what the future will hold for her and Julian." (from Official Page)

Sequel: Vampire Apocalypse, Book Two: Apotheosis

Paperback Info: ISBN 1893896099, ImaJinn Books, 2002

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