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Vampire High by Douglas Rees

Vampire High"Cody Elliot's new school, Vlad Dracul, is a little weird. The principal is seven feet tall and has a pet wolf. The students are tall and silent and wear sunglasses in the winter. When he sees a kid's fangs, the truth sinks in: Cody's classmates are vampires. The vampires--or jenti, as they call themselves--have lived in New Sodom, Mass., for centuries. They are superstrong and supersmart, but water is dangerous for them. They need a few human kids for the water sports the state requires. Cody doesn't have to do any homework or even go to class. If he just plays water polo, he's guaranteed straight A's. What a perfect high school! Or is it? No homework, no classes--nothing Cody does matters. Most of the jenti openly despise him--but so what? Why is it bugging him so much? Cody upsets the status quo when he befriends two jenti kids and starts trying to do the impossibly hard homework for real grades. When he gets slightly heroic and donates a little blood, he's really in hot water! Cody is making waves that could change Vlad Dracul forever, in this sharply funny, sly satire about honor, friendship, love--and how to survive high school." (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0385731175, Delacourt Books for Young Readers, 2008

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