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Vampire Hunters, The by William Hill

[The Vampire Hunters]Marcus Chandler is a reclusive film producer who seems to have a rare disease that has left him with bleached skin and a heightened sensitivity to light. The Graveyard Armadillos are convinced he is a vampire. Since vampires can't be photographed, they decide to get a picture of Chandler to make their case. Fifteen-year-old Scooter Keyshawn, who wants to prove himself to the Armadillos, agrees to snap the photo. Whether Chandler's vampirism is real or imagined, there are still plenty of dark forces in Scooter's small Texas hometown: teens are disappearing and eventually turning up dead. It's up to Scooter and his friends to clear the innocent and trap the real vampires. The atmospheric writing and the harrowing quest will keep the pages turning, and the simple prose and the emphasis on action rather than character development will make the book a good choice for reluctant readers. (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1890611026, Otter Creek Press, 1998

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