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Vampire Quartet by Jemiah Jefferson

[Voice of the Blood]Voice of the Blood

"The ordinary life of a grad student was so boring for Ariane. She was desperate for some change, some excitement to shake things up. She had no idea she was only one step away from a whole new world--a world of darkness and decay, of eternal life and eternal death. But once she fell prey to Ricari she would learn more about this world than she ever dreamed possible. More than anyone sould dare to know... if they value their soul.

For Ricari's is the world of the undead, the vampire, a world far beyond the myths and legends that the living think they know. A world even more horrifying than the living could suspect. From the clubs of San Francisco to a deserted Hollywood hotel known as Rotting Hall, the denizens of this land of darkness hold sway over the night. But as seductive and erotic as these predators may be, Ariane will soon discover that a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing indeed."(from book cover)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1428511156, Leisure Books, May 2011
Original Edition Info: ISBN 0843948302, Leisure Books, 2002


“After killing thousands and seducing everyone within arm’s reach, Daniel Blum has finally gotten bored with his vampire life. When he meets Sybil, a talented, enigmatic, homicidal, teenage exotic dancer, it seems to be just the thing to add some much-needed spice into his nocturnal haunts. But a conscience is the one thing a vampire doesn’t need, and despite his extensive telepathic powers, Daniel is unable to make Sybil behave with something like “human compassion.” Unforgettable characters, the glitter and gutters of New York, and unrelenting rage create a tale straight from your most beautiful nightmares.”(from Jemiah.com)

Original Edition Info: ISBN 0843949988, Leisure Books, May 2002


“Orfeo Ricari was a dreamy, willful, confused teenager in the countryside of Naples in 1812, and when he had the chance to leave home on an adventure, he jumped at the chance. Little did he know that this impulsive act would take him across Europe and damn him to an undead life of eternal darkness, eternal hunger, and eternally misplaced love.”(from Jemiah.com)

Original Edition Info: ISBN 0843953640, Leisure Books, April 2005

[A Drop of Scarlet]A Drop of Scarlet

“Ariane Dempsey is a dedicated scientist specializing in blood diseases. None of her colleagues suspect that she is also a vampire. Lately, her research has taken a very personal turn – she is trying to find a drug that will help her lover, John, whose mind has been unstable since Ariane first made him a vampire.

But the drug she develops has unforseen effects, and word spreads instantly through the vampire community. Vampires from across the globe descend upon the city of Portland, Oregon, and they will pay anything for the drug – or kill for it. Ariane is about to learn that, even to those of their own kind, nothing is more dangerous than a desperate vampire. With its confrontational style and bitingly relevant subject matter, this is Jemiah Jefferson’s most ambitious work to date.”(from Jemiah.com)

Original Edition Info: ISBN 0843957247, Leisure Books, January 2007

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[Voice of the Blood][Wounds][Fiend][A Drop of Scarlet]

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