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Vampire Royalty: The Rebellion by Valerie Hoffman

Vampire  Royalty: The RebellionAndrew Gabriel is awakened from his catatonic slumber by love's passion. His diabolical half-brother, Craven Maxwell, politically manipulates his way into the White House. Andrew realizes that this cunning predator now has access to the American presidency and will use his new position to dominate the United States and, eventually, the world. Only Andrew can end Craven's depraved schemes, but Andrew has on vulnerability-the newly found love of his life. Enter this mysterious saga where the "truth" about the "real" origin of vampires is revealed. both Andrew and Craven come from the same royal lineage. Craven thirsts for power and commits his sadistic scheme of reviving the supernatural practices used hundreds of years ago by his ancestors. Uniquely told from the viewpoints of both vampires and humans living in the future, Valerie Hoffman's Vampire royalty book series debunks many "myths" about vampires. (For instance, they don't need to drink blood. There is an alternative treatment for porphyria, the medical condition commonly referred to as vampirism by humans.) Setting her characters in real-life situations, Hoffman brilliantly writes on of the most sensual love stories of the ages.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1886766452, American Legacy Books, 2006

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