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Vampire Saga by G.L. Giles

[The Vampire  Vignettes]The Vampire Vignettes

THE VAMPIRE VIGNETTES by G.L. Giles is a weaving of vampire stories told with a dash of horror and a spark of humor. Ernesto and Julia, two unusual vampires, spark a seemingly natural domino effect as one adventure is revealed after another.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0533147352, Vantage Press, 2004

[V2: B4]

V2: B4

The Vampyre Saga continues…with a few witches thrown in the mix…

The Vampire Vignettes author G.L. Giles returns with a fitting follow-up to her widely-acclaimed debut offering.

Set in Charleston, South Carolina and Santee, South Carolina, and several years before The Vampire Vignettes, this prequel beautifully showcases the rich imagination and literary mastery of Giles, showcasing her rich imagination and scholarly insight of into her alternative reality --- as only a native Charlestonian truly can.

Featuring a compulsively-readable story, and bouyed by a strong emphasis on action rather than description, V2: B4 is a transfixing gothic tale that never lets go of the reader --- until the final page is turned.

Paperback Info: ISBN 159926210X, Xlibris Corporation, 2005

[V2: B4]

V3: The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped

The Vampire Saga of G. L. Giles continues to unravel — and soars to greater heights — in this lightning-paced sequel to V2: B4 THE VAMPIRE VIGNETTES PREQUEL.

A pivotal shift of balance has occurred among the undead, and Augusta Lee Legare Middleton (a.k.a. Vladina) — a powerful vampyre who emerged into Charlestonian society in 1864 — finds herself embroiled in and even at the center of a cataclysmic conflict involving the undead, as well as the living.

All hell breaks loose in downtown Charleston as the age-old mysteries of the Vampyre hierarchy are revealed, which sets the stage for an epic battle between the living, the undead, and a dark past that has reared its ugly head.

V3: The Vampire Vignettes ReVamped is the latest addition to a gothic series that has already achieved status in the genre. Giles has helmed up a rich alternative-history novel that features numerous historically-accurate facts packed with symbolism and quantum-mechanical elements --- ending up a multifaceted gothic novel that entertains, provokes thought, and sends shivers down the spine.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1425767559, Xlibris Corporation, 2005

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