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Vampire Series by Michael Romkey

[I, Vampire]I, Vampire

"From yesterday to a hundred years ago, he lives in the world and walks among us. He enjoys the finest things in life, including beautfiul women, well-aged wine, and the finest classical composers. He has no guilt -- he has no need of it. Neither good, nor bad, neither angel nor devil, he is a man, he is a vampire. And this is his story...." (summary from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0449146383, Gold Medal, 1993

[Vampire  Papers]

The Vampire Papers

"For the millions of vampire fans, here is the much-awaited sequel to the bloody success I, Vampire. Once Mozart was a famous composer. Now he is a famous vampire. Hundreds of years after he lived, he is among those locked in combat with the vampire who once was known as John Wilkes Booth." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0449148041, Gold Medal, 1994

[Vampire  Princess]

The Vampire Princess

"Aboard the ultraluxurious Prince William's maiden voyage, a glittering array of millionaires, movie stars, and royalty cavort, all with their own dark secrets. But not one of them has a past as evil as the ravishing Princess Nicoletta Vittorini de Medusa. And few can resist the siren call of the deadly ecstasy she offers." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0449149374, Fawcett Books, 1996

[Vampire Virus]

The Vampire Virus

"The mysterious death of an archaeologist lures disease-control researcher Dr. Bailey Harrison deep into the jungles of Costa Rica. There, in the hot zone, an unknown and potentially devastating new virus has made its first lethal appearance. Yet a more horrifying evil awaits Bailey at the end of her quest. For in a lavish estate carved from the savage wilderness, an extraordinary man rules, the master of a forbidding world. And he himself is slave to a centuries-old hunger." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0449002616, Fawcett Books, 1998

[Vampire  Hunter]

Vampire Hunter

"Entombed for almost a century in the corpse of the "Titanic" at the bottom of the icy North Atlantic, the Vampire is finally released by a treasure-hunting expedition--that never makes it back alive. In a small South Carolina town, a stranger calling himself Charles Gabriel seeks desperate help from a beautiful psychiatrist. But while irresistible sexual passions are stirred by supernatural powers, the town falls victim to a horrifyingly rampant surge of unearthly evil." (summary from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0449002004, Fawcett Books, 1999

[The London Vampire Panic]

The London Vampire Panic

"A DARK, UNHOLY COVENANT - In an ancient monastery, far from the bustling streets of London, an order of monks celebrates the glories of art and music. Separate from the world, they conceal a secret. For within the sheltered walls, a beautiful woman makes a horrifying promise--and a boy receives a life-saving gift.

BLEEDS INTO A HELLISH CURSE - Soon a monster is preying upon the people of Victorian London. A fiend who thrives on darkness and blood. Victim after victim falls to the beast. No one is safe. The murders are indiscriminate, ruthless. Only the same violent death links them--the torn throat and the bloodless corpse left behind.

THE LONDON VAMPIRE PANIC - Lead by the famous vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, six men set out to track down and unmask the killer--and bring the nightmare gripping the city to a blessed end. If they can stay alive. . . ." (description from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0449005739, Ballantine Books

[The Vampire's  Violin]

The Vampire's Violin

"Listen to its haunting, angelic sound. After centuries of life, the Vampire has just two passions left: blood and music. The blood of innocents is plentiful and easily attained—it is his other passion that torments him. Many years ago he owned and lost a violin that sang with the voice of the angels. Now this unearthly monster will do anything to press the instrument once more against his neck.

As it summons a hellish creature of the night. Maggie O’Hara was a talented if unremarkable violinist—until the day her grandfather gives her a violin he had brought home from World War II. For fifty years the magnificent instrument sat untouched in an attic, but from the moment Maggie hits the first note, her playing is transformed. With this remarkable violin in her possession, all of her dreams are eerily becoming reality. But she has no way of knowing that a nightwalker is tracking her down—and that he has every intention of taking back, through bloodlust and terror, what is rightfully his. . . . THE VAMPIRE’S VIOLIN" (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0345452089, Del Rey, 2003

American   Gothic

American Gothic

“Through the endless waltz of time, a man becomes a monster and a monster reclaims his humanity by saving one human soul. . . .

1863: Even the opium pipe and its dark dreams isn’t enough to erase the memories that haunt Nathaniel Peregrine. His home destroyed, his wife and children butchered, his world shattered by civil war, he can find no reason to protect his soul from the intoxicating evil that pursues him. Willingly he bends his neck for the beautiful demon who will take away his pain and replace it with an otherworldly power too great and terrible to imagine.

1914: Years later, growing tired of living a vampire’s restless existence, Peregrine travels to the wild island of Haiti, where shadow blends easily into the exotic flora and fauna. There he meets Helen Fairweather, a woman who makes him yearn for a mortal life as he has not done for ages. The longing leads him to Dr. Lavalle, a man who may be able to give him back his soul. Once a foremost authority on diseases of the blood, the good doctor sets Peregrine on a steep descent that will end with salvation or damnation…” (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0345452100, Del Rey, 2004

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