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Vampire Slayer: One Foot in Darkness by Dani A. Camden

Vampire Slayer:  One Foot in DarknessEmma Hogan hasn’t been the same since she and her twin brother were the only survivors from an attack on their family home two years ago. It was the same attack that claimed her right foot and forced her into a dangerous and thrilling new world. That night she and her brother, Jimmy, learned the truth about the world that existed beyond what was perceived as real. That evil truly existed not only in stories, but demons, spirits and vampires did roam the Earth and were, in fact, responsible for the deaths of their parents and younger sister. Forever changed by the horrifying events, Emma and Jimmy embark on a mission to protect others from a similar fate, reestablish a sense of normalcy, and for Emma, come to terms with a life filled with violence, loneliness and rubber feet. Just when things begin to find their rhythm, a strange and exotic stranger arrives at their door proclaiming to have answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. What comes next is a whirlwind of revelation, mystery and suspense that forces Emma to realize that if she is to save the world, she may first have to learn to save herself.

Paperback Info: ISBN 142410436X, PublishAmerica, 2006

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