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Based on the role playing game Vampire, the Masquerade by White Wolf and set in the World of Darkness

[As One Dead]

As One Dead
By Don Bassingthwaite and Nancy Kilpatrick

The Camarilla of Toronto are tied down to the confines of the 'Box', watched over by the Sabbat who "revel in their humanity". Bianka comes to the Camarilla in the Box to try to lead them into rebellion while Lot, a Sabbat, tries to ensure that they remain.

Paperback Info: ISBN 156504875X, White Wolf

[Book of Nod]

The Book oF Nod
By Sam Chupp, Andrew Greenberg, David D. Gragert (Editor)

From the author, Sam Chupp: "I wrote all of the verse and the "academic commentary" in Book of Nod - not the stuff in the back... Let's see - some memories about writing The Book of Nod: I remember checking out a Hebrew Dictionary from the public library and reading what *it* had to say about the Caine/Abel situation, and structuring my re-write of the "Chronicle of Caine" that way. You can tell I was very influenced by the Hebrew midrash about Lilith, as well. I like Lilith as a figure, and t hought that the very male-oriented Vampire 'first myth' needed a female power figure. Who else but Lilith could give Caine (and thus all of the Kindred) his magical power? A lot of people have said they can't read the Malkavian page - the layout was done by Michele Prahler, who is an incredible graphic artist - she didn't really care one way or another whether you could read the text. The text is very silly, as you can imagine - Malkavians themselves being quite insane, Malkav was pretty much off his rocker already when he wrote it. Anyway, I heartily recommend the Book of Nod - it is one of my works that I really enjoy looking at again and again - I can't take credit for the excellent development that Andrew Greenberg did nor for the wonderful art and layout, but I do take credit for the words of the verse. Anyway - even if you are just into Goth stuff, you'll probably get a kick out of it. I've even heard somebody started a "Church of Nod", a thought which is enough to occasionally contribute to sleepless nights." (from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN: 1565040783

[Dozen Black Roses]

A Dozen Black Roses
By Nancy A. Collins

The character Sonja Blue, who is a vampire and vampire hunter, (from Nancy A. Collins' Sonja Blue series) meets and takes on the Kindred of the World of Darkness. "A hair-raising, hell-raising carnage-filled crossover".

Paperback Info: ISBN 1565048725

[Blood War]

Blood War
By Robert Weinberg

Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy number 1. "For ten thousand years a race of immortal vampires has raged a secret war to control mankind. Beings of incredible supernatural potency, they are driven by a lust for power...and human blood." (summary from promotional write)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1565048407

[Unholy Allies]

Unholdy Allies
By Robert Weinberg

The Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy number 2. With the aid of a fire creature from another dimension, The Red Death plots to rule the world. Two people race to stop him, but need to find the historian who can tell Red Death's identity.

Paperback Info: ISBN: 1565048415

[The Unbeholden]

The Unbeholden
By Robert Weinberg

The Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy number 3. Red Death and his minions are preparing to take control of the two most powerful organizations that rule the World of Darkness. He must battle Dire McCann, who has been fighting the Eternal War for thousands of years, to acheive global conquest.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1565048423

[Pomegranates Full & Fine]

Pomegranates Full and Fine
By Don Bassingthwaite

A novel that involves Sabbat vampires, Naphandi mages and Unseeli changelings. Tango, a changeling, is searching for her missing friend Riley and comes upon a pack of Sabbat vampires, forming a friendship with the leader Miranda. Miranda gets involved with the search, plus she has her own dealings with a mage who leads the Bandog cult.

Order Info: ISBN 156504889X

[Prince of the City]

Prince of the City By Keith Herber

Vannevar Thomas, embraced during the American Revolution, becomes ruler of San Francisco's undead and learns the price of power. He must deal with the Asian vampires known as the Family as well as others among his own ranks.

Paperback Info: ISBN 1565048202

Vampire, The Masquerade Clan Novels

[Clanbook: Assamite] [Clanbook: Giovannie] [Clanbook: Lasombra] [Clanbook: Nosferatu] [Clanbook: Ravnos] [Clanbook: Toreador] [Clanbook: Tzimisce]

One novel for each of the 13 clans of vampires. Each can be read as an individual story, but all 13 work together as a larger plot. Secrets are finally revealed in the last novel, Nosferatu.

Website: White Wolf Online

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