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Vampire World by Roman Peters

Vampire World"Eddie, his brother Will, and their friend, Garner, are Kismet, a popular college and bar band. One night, an exotic woman comes to a Kismet show and captures the attention of everyone in the bar. Before the night is over, Eddie will wish that he had never met her.

Candy wants Will. For reasons he doesn’t yet understand, Eddie prevents the rendezvous. Candy and her friend won’t take “no” for an answer. They follow the three musicians home, where trouble erupts. The “trouble” ends in murder and a surreal induction into the vampire world for Kismet.

Wanted by the police for murder and by vampires for revenge and much worse, Eddie must find a way out. He has to save his brother and his friend from the vampires, and himself from certain death.

While running from both the police and the vampires, Eddie discovers a bizarre underworld of murderous creatures who control police, government, and more. He also discovers that he is changing. Unusual abilities and powers awake within him and he must learn to use his newfound skills before it is too late!" (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 0595415083, iUniverse, 2006

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