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Vampires and Vampirism: Legends from Around the World by Dudley Wright

[Vampires and Vampirism]Part of the 'Classics of Preternatural History' series. "Fiends that rise from their graves to prey upon the living have long haunted man. The most notorious of these creatures is the vampire, but the image of the suave, blood-drinking fiend held by contemporary culture is vastly different from the early legends of vampirism found throughout the globe. Vampires and Vampirism is part of the canon of works on the folklore of vampires. Inside these pages are many accounts of the presence of nocturnal creatures with an unnatural hunger. Readers will discover that tales of vampires are whispered not only in the sleepy villages of eastern and central Europe but also in the Middle East, the Asian sub-continent, and the isles of Great Britain." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1590210026, Lightning Source, 2001 (reissue)

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