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Vampires & Chocolates by Greg Shelton

[Vampires  & Chocolates]"After the chilling murder and transformation of Kenter Vonn into a 17th century vampire by the dominant Borgo and his clan, Kenter confronts a new world of evil, one of wicked powers that permit vampires to exist in daylight after a fresh supply of human blood. Kenter joins a colony of "good" vampires who crave chocolate in human blood and provide services diabolically to humans: selling Chocolate candies nationwide through franchised stores named Chocolate Bites. Borgo's clan prefers a more sadistic approach to getting victims with sweet blood: they kidnap humans and marinate them in vats of chocolate, ravishing them during deadly feeding frenzies. Kenter seduces the beautiful Jacqueline and, after falling in love, keeps her as human and sets out on a quest to become human again himself. With Borgo and his clan seeking to destroy them both, Kenter must decide to flee with her or fight. In a final showdown with Borgo, Kenter learns the chilling secrets of why he was chosen to become a vampire. Forced to confront devilish knowledge, he learns the shocking truth of vampires and chocolates." (from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0595239684, Writers Club Press, 2002

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