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Vampires of Orange County by John Bankston

Vampires of Orange CountyMorgan is like many girls her age in Newport Beach, California. She spray tans, night surfs and parties. She even has a purse dog named Bambi. But Morgan also has a secret.

Morgan has endured black-outs ever since her mother’s death five years ago. After being attacked at the after-hours tanning club she manages, Morgan awakens in the hospital. Her father, Corona Homicide Detective Mike Anderson, tells her she killed the intruder. It was clearly self- defense, but there are questions. Like how she ended a man twice her size. And why did she swallow so much blood?

Set in and around Newport Beach, Vampires of Orange County takes place over one week in Morgan’s life as she looks for answers. Is the ex-boyfriend she never really left behind responsible for her blackouts, her sun-sickness and even her sudden craving for very rare steak? Or is it instead the friend with benefits who may have turned her Chihuahua into a vicious killer? (summary from Amazon.com)

Kindle edition: ASIN B00B750U2K, FNB Productions, January 2013

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