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Vampyricon by Douglas Clegg

The Priest of  BloodThe Priest of Blood

"The man known as Falconer was born the bastard son of a whore, served the royal court as a predator trainer, and warred against the infidel Saracens as a conscripted soldier in the Holy Land. But it wasn't until he found himself in the arms of a creature called Pythia that he found his destiny-as a vampire."
(From Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 1416509879, Ace Hardcover, 2005
Paperback Info: ISBN 0441013740, Ace (Reprint edition)

The Lady of  Serpents

The Lady of Serpents

"Hailed as the prophesied messiah of the vampyre, Aleric seemed destined for glory-until, like many of his brethren, he was captured by the sorceress Enora. Imprisoned, he is now forced to fight in the arena for her amusement.

To end Enora's reign of terror, Aleric must escape and find the alchemist behind her power, though that may mean unleashing Pythia, the Lady of Serpents-Aleric's old enemy, the seductress who ended his mortal life. For she alone may hold the key to the survival not only of the vampyres, but also all of humankind." (From Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0441014380, Ace Hardcover, 2006

The Queen of  Wolves

The Queen of Wolves

"After rescuing Pythia, the creature who turned him into a vampire, Aleric follows her back to the land of the Saracens. There, they must raise an army, for Aleric's lost love, Enora, has become the Queen of the Wastelands. Aided by her minions and her legions of wolves, she has begun the quest to call the Dark Madonna from beyond the Veil into the world of man. To stop the end of all, Aleric must become what he was destined to be-the Messiah of the Damned-and lead the undead in a final battle against the Mother of Darkness."
(From Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 0441015239, Ace Hardcover, 2007

Website: www.douglasclegg.com

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