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Vegas Vampires by William Hill

[Vegas Vampires]Since San Francisco's origins as a Gold Rush town, vampires have secretly owned a worldwide chain of casinos. Until recently the Blood had directed resort and gambling operations from the shadows. Now the dark-walkers defy light, openly running the gaming establishments. Come the first nightfall of winter, the Gaming Guild will hold the 25th Dark World Gambling Games where one lucky vampire will win the Golden Dice and the grandmaster's mantle to lead them. Dirk DeVault is obsessed with winning and returning the guild to its former glory. The undead casino manager is hindered by a powerful 150-year-old Native American curse to his card karma. He has lost all hope until he encounters Lady Luck incarnate. Now he stalks Heather, scheming to bend her good fortune to win the Games and rule the guild. (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 1890611409, Otter Creek Press, 2005

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