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Vrakluna: Origin Of The Vampire by Benjamin G. King

Vrakluna: Origin Of The Vampire"A society of vampires exists across three worlds. The vampire KryleX has finally become of age and he seeks to understand his past, to discover his purpose and move into his future, while powerful elder vampires have their own agenda that threaten the very existence of this malevolent society. Even though humans are just nourishment, their culture of excess infects these vampires and starts this insatiable lust for power and blood. Will these self-serving beings doom VraklunA and push it past the brink of destruction? How does KryleX get thrusted into the middle of this chaos and why does it even matter? What can or will he do? He has just reached his maturity." (from Amazon.com)

Hardcover Info: ISBN 1434843009, CreateSpace, 2008

Website: www.bkingenterprise.com

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