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Who Are You Calling a Vampire? by Mandi Casey

[Who Are You Calling a Vampire?]"Hunted by an anti-vampire extremist group, Katrina Drogan, or Kat, a twenty-four-year-old emergency room nurse, must overcome her fear of love and vampires and embrace her role in their world to survive and save the man she loves. When Kat goes to an exclusive nightclub opening, she meets Viktor, the sexiest man she's ever laid eyes on. Trouble is, he's a vampire, and he thinks she's one too. Hunters try to kidnap her and Viktor interferes, taking Kat on a high-speed chase through the night. Kat decides to hide out at her friend's house in the country only to have the Hunters blow up the kitchen and try kidnapping her again. Once again, Viktor saves her life. Taking her to his mansion, Viktor insists she's going to change into a vampire. Kat must decide where she wants her life to go, should she stay with Viktor and adopt his lifestyle or walk away from the man who could be her one true love? Her fears cause her to run from his mansion right into the arms of the Hunter's leader, Malice." (from Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1440182043, iUniverse, 2009

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