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Willful Taste, A by Willa Okati

[A Willful Taste]Born into the life of a vampire four hundred years ago, Raphael has had many lovers, but in the past century–very few. In fact, lately, there has been none at all. He fears how quickly mortals’ age and die, and how they want to be turned into what he is. Raphael is determined to live out his long life alone. That is until the human friend Ian, the one that he lusts for, plays his hand.

Ian wants into Raphael’s bed and heart–tonight. He is not taking no for an answer, and in the struggle, proves he is just as stubborn as the vampire is.

Who wins in this battle of wits to get between the sheets? (from Chippewa Publishing)

e-Book Info: ISBN 1-933400-08-0, Chippewa Publishing

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