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Young Vampire Adventures by Star Donovan

A Surprise for GappyA Surprise for Gappy

Nine-year-old Gappy's life turns upside down the day he faints in art class. A visit to the hospital is bad enough, but then comes the big shock. His parents tell him he is turning into a vampire! At school the next day, Gappy struggles to hide his dangerous secret. To his surprise, he soon finds himself using a vampire power he did not know he had. Is his secret still safe, or does trouble lie ahead for Gappy?

Paperback Info: ISBN 0982140401, Bronwynn Press, November 2008

Gappy DisappearsGappy Disappears

Life as a nine-year-old vampire is tough enough. Of course, Gappy must be really careful never to reveal his vampire secret to regular humans. He is already in trouble with the Vampire Council for using his powers in public. Then his reflection begins to disappear while he is at school. If anyone notices, it could be very embarrassing . . . perhaps even a disaster for vampires everywhere. Although he promised not to use any more vampire powers, Gappy soon finds himself in another situation where he is tempted to use one for a good cause. His decision lands him in more trouble, and now the school bully is upset with him too. How will Gappy get out of this mess?

Paperback Info: ISBN 0982140436, Bronwynn Press, June 2009

Gappy is KidnappedGappy is Kidnapped

Summer at Camp Widdershins promises to be lots of fun. Ten-year-old Gappy meets his cousins for the first time and is thrilled to make friends with kids who are vampires like himself. Together they learn some exciting magical skills, much to the envy of their human relatives. But Gappy's summer soon turns scary and mysterious when two men capture him in the middle of the night. Why would anyone want to kidnap Gappy, and will his brand new vampire powers be strong enough to help him escape?

Paperback Info: ISBN 0982140444, Bronwynn Press, September 2009

Gappy and the ThievesGappy and the Thieves

Gappy invites three friends to keep him company at a bed and breakfast while his parents are attending a vampire conference. The excitement soon begins with the discovery of a secret passage under the house. Then Gappy bumps into an old enemy, and strange lights appear in a nearby cemetery in the middle of the night. When the friends investigate, Gappy finds himself drawn to a particular monument and the large stone coffin that sits in its center. With the help of some new vampire powers, he explores further, but a midnight adventure quickly turns dangerous when he is trapped underground. Why do people visit the stone coffin in the middle of the night, and what are Gappy's enemies plotting now?

Paperback Info: ISBN 0982140452, Bronwynn Press, May 2010

Gappy's Great EscapeGappy's Great Escape

Gappy is excited to travel with his best friend Pru to visit his cousins in the United Kingdom. His mother warns him to stay away from dangerous adventures, but after meeting two suspicious strangers in the sleepy Welsh village of Abergath, Gappy finds it difficult to obey. What are the two men up to, and what is the secret of the abandoned Penffordd Slate Mine? When Gappy and friends explore its underground tunnels, they uncover a shocking vampire plot before being captured and imprisoned in a rocky cell. Their only hope of escape is if Gappy can summon up a new vampire skill to rescue them all and lead everyone to safety.

Paperback Info: ISBN 0982140487, Bronwynn Press, October 2010

Gappy and the Witch's CurseGappy and the Witch's Curse

The end of the school year should be a fun time, but for 11-year-old Gappy, it is absolutely horrible. First, he must fight for his life against a crazed janitor, and then his classmates and teachers turn mean. Gappy hopes things will be better at vampire summer camp, but dark forces are at work, and an Old Order vampire is after him again. A strange feeling soon forces Gappy to make a difficult decision. Something is calling him to Salem, Massachusetts, site of the terrifying witch trials of 1692. Should he remain at Camp Widdershins where he is safe, or should he leave to face an unknown danger? Gappy and his best friend Pru follow a series of clues and make a shocking discovery. Suddenly, they find themselves in a race against time. Will they succeed, or are they already too late?

Paperback Info: ISBN 0982140495, Bronwynn Press, December 2011

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