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Blue Dawn Over Gettysburg: A Supernatural Tale of Union Victory by Joe DeSantis

Blue Dawn  Over Gettysburg

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"It is the early spring of 1860; a Pennsylvania college student is sent to a remote Louisiana plantation to perform field tests. Despite portents of danger, John Larson remains unaware that the estate's owner is a vampire… until it's too late. The transformation of young man into hellish predator binds him to the plantation unless he can discover his one true "passion," that lone vestige of humanity which will free him from his servitude.

In time, John learns of the raging Civil War; only then does he realize HIS passion is his love for the Union. He quickly leaves Louisiana with a daring plan, to secretly disable Confederate Generals in the hope that siphoning their blood will result in needless battlefield casualties and strategic mistakes. John overtakes the Army of Northern Virginia near Gettysburg; he skillfully attacks members of the Rebel high command, including Commanding General Robert E. Lee, despite the presence of the vampires' arch enemy, the Freemasons, and the dreaded specter of Death itself.

Night creatures do exist; even more disturbing is the fact that this vampire's actions become interwoven with real Civil War era people, timelines, battle sequences, and geographic locations. The question then becomes: Could this macabre slice of alternative history have actually happened?" (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1425167489, Trafford Publishing, 2008

Sequel: Escape from Devil's Den

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