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Escape from Devil’s Den: The Walls of Time Will Be Breached by Joe DeSantis

Escape from Devil's DenSpecial Offer from the Author:

Order Escape from Devil's Den directly from Joe DeSantis for $15 US (shipping included) and have anything you like inscribed in the book.

To order your copy email Joe at jdesantis@mail2world.com


The sequel and companion book to Blue Dawn Over Gettysburg.

"John Larson, the young, idealistic Union patriot turned dreaded night creature, has successfully attacked and disabled a number of high ranking generals from the vaulted Rebel Army of Northern Virginia. His bold and audacious plan has seriously crippled those unfortunate Confederates ability to properly perform their duties during the pivotal three day battle of Gettysburg. 

The stubborn resistance of the Federal Army of the Potomac under the leadership of the newly appointed George Meade leaves Robert E. Lee no other choice but to reluctantly order his battered, beaten forces back to the safe confines of Virginia, summarily ending the South's grand invasion plans and hopes for a quick, glorious end to the ongoing carnage of the bitter War Between The States. But the personal price for ignoring the sacrosanct rule of non-interference on the part of night creatures into the affairs of mankind results in the ultimate, horrific penalty. John is swiftly and silently hunted down by the Ancients of the Vampire Council. He is captured, tried, and sentenced to be interred underground for all time-in a fully conscious state. Only a bizarre but welcome quirk of fate enables him to break the bonds of his eternal punishment, and he escapes to find himself walking the strange but eerily familiar streets of 21st Century Gettysburg.

The Civil War has been over for 140 years; nevertheless, the small Pennsylvania town remains a dangerous place for the unfortunate night creature. John encounters old adversaries from the past, and new ones from the present. In the end, he must ultimately choose between the powerful instinct of self-preservation or the noble act of self-sacrifice. The decision he makes could redeem something he thought he had lost long ago-his very soul!" (From Amazon.com)

Paperback Info: ISBN 1457526263, Dog Ear Publishing, Jan 2014

Kindle Info: ASIN B00J1J4WJQ, March 2014

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