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Immaculate, The by Kate Hill

[The  Immaculate]Sequel to The Darkness Therein

"One year after suffering a brutal assault, Mara feels her sanity slipping as she starts to believe her attacker was not quite human. She's given up her education, family, and friends and traveled to Europe to research the supernatural with the hopes of finding the truth about the events that have ruined her life.

Adam is an Immaculate vampire, one born of two hybrid parents, and he has a specific duty to perform. He must kill the First Father, an ancient evil who holds the secrets to the very beginnings of vampirism itself.

Together, this unlikely couple confront the past, shape the future, and discover that human and vampire are more similar than either species would like to admit." (from RFI West Pub.)

eBook Info: ISBN 1586974025, RFI West Publishing

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