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Slayer: Black Miracles by Karen Koehler

[Slayer:  Black Miracles]"The blade is back, and you're only 42 inches from hell...

Slayer: Black Miracles brings together two spellbinding novellas by acclaimed industrial gothic author Karen Koehler, creator of the tormented dhampir and vampire hunter Alek Knight.

Slayer: Dragon’s Blood - Two years after destroying his Coven, Alek is rebuilding his life and facing new challenges. A chance encounter with a desperate young woman on the run leads the Slayer to an ancient evil that's devouring the city one soul at a time. The Slayer's darkness grows once again, and he turns it toward a new enemy--an enemy that will soon learn the depth of his fury...and feel the bite of his immortal blade.

Slayer: Immortal - Alek believed he would never find another lost soul like himself. A soul born from pain and neverending sorrow. A soul who could know and embrace the creed of the predator. Then he encountered the Phoenix, a creature as beautiful as she is deadly. But Phoenix has her own agenda. Having risen from an untimely death, she is a newborn creature with only one goal in her immortal life--to pay back the streets for her deathless rage." (from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0967922011, KHP Industries, 2002

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