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Slayer by Karen Koehler

[Slayer]"The Hunter - His name is Alek Knight. He is tall and beautiful...and a master assassin. His raven black hair is worn long to symbolize his status in the Coven, his cult of Vatican-trained, vampire-slaying allies. He is a master swordsman, a prodigy even among ancients. And for good reason: he is one of the rare and deadly dhampiri--an evolved form of the creature we know of today as Vampire. Alek possesses an almost supernatural talent for slaying vampires and his weapon of choice is the legendary Double Serpent Katana, an ancient sword forged by master swordsman Hattori Hanzo for the Japanese Ninja class over 400 years ago.

The Hunted - Once Alek was the most powerful acolyte of the ancient Covenmaster Amadeus. Once he was heir to the seat of Covenmaster. Then the sins of his past returned to haunt him and drove him to betray his master and all he once believed in. Haunted by undying sorrow and the many murders he committed in the Coven's name, Alek turned on his fellow slayers and became a rogue determined to discover the true purpose of his existence. Now he lives in the shadows of the city by night, hunted by an army of immortal soldiers who seek his blood in exchange for his betrayal. The war is coming, the battle lines are drawn...may the best immortal win." (from Amazon.com)

Order Info: ISBN 0967922003, KHP Industries, 2002

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