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Facade of Shadows by Rick Chiantaretto
Judas Iscariot (portrayed as the first of the undead), the gods and myths of ancient Egypt, and vampires all play a role in this novel of the clash between good and evil on Earth. In Facade of Shadows, the supernatural beings of Egyptian lore work together with modern-day vampire slayers to wage a pivotal battle […]
Eternally Yours by S. L. Juers
After more than two centuries, the man felt he had endured enough. Born Rudolph Sonthofen and transformed into a vampire at a young age, he adapted to the limitations of his bizarre being. But, his prolonged life was filled with loss, grief, frustration, and deceit. No longer did this cursed person feel it worthwhile to […]
Eternal Vigilance by Gabrielle Faust
"After a century of Sleep, Tynan Llywelyn has awoken to find the world he once knew utterly obliterated by a brutal war of epic proportions. In a new apocalyptic society, bitterly divided by magic and technology, the Tyst Empire has found that a hundred years of global domination is not enough to sate their thirst […]
Eternal Battle, The by Keith Gouveia
Join Mike Caisse as he battles a rising horde of vampires and the beast within him. Paperback Info: ISBN: 1403313199, Authorhouse, 2002
Enemy Mine by Jewell Dart
"Can a vampire hunter save the captivating vampire he loves? When Preston Adams approaches the beautiful Gabrielle Warlick in a bar, Gabby knows he’s not after a dance--but her life. The Adams clan has been dedicated for centuries to wiping out Gabby and all her blood kin--blood-drinking kin, that is, for Gabby has been a […]
Embrace the Night by Amanda Ashley
"A creature doomed to wander the earth in eternal darkness, he searches for someone to share the endless night of his existence, for that one woman who would recognize the man within the monster. An angel of purity, she feared the mysterious stranger who whispered dark secrets she dared not believe. They were two people […]
Dream Snatcher by Sabine Kells
"Anna Stanfield has denied her psychic abilities for years. Then her younger sister is found in a coma, a victim of a psychic vampire. Now Anna must use her powers to help catch her sister's killer. FBI agent Ian McGregory draws Anna into his investigation, knowing her strong psychic powers will draw out the killer […]
Dracula’s Tomb by Colin McNaughton
Ages 4 to 8 (or for anyone who loves fun Dracula stuff!) A coffin shaped book featuring Dracula and his friends. Has a large pop-up Dracula at the back. Funny and cute! Hardcover Info: ISBN 076360495X, Candlewick Press, 1998
Dracula’s Heir: An Interactive Mystery by Sam Stall
"In 1897 Archibald Constable & Company published Bram Stoker's Dracula the most famous horror novel of all time. For reasons still widely debated by critics the first chapter of Dracula was cut just weeks before publication. Here it becomes the central clue in a spine-tingling interactive mystery. Dracula's Heir begins ten years after the horrific […]
Dracula: A Symphony in Moonlight & Nightmares by Jon J. Muth
The retelling of Dracula in graphic novel format. Includes watercolours by the artist. Paperback Info: ISBN 1561630594, NBM Publishing, 1993
Dracula the Undead by Freda Warrington
"It is seven years since a stake was driven through the heart of the infamous Count, and he was beheaded and allowed to slowly crumble to dust. Seven years which have not eradicated the terrible memories for Jonathan and Mina Harker, who now have a young son, Quincey. To free their minds from the poison […]
Dracula by Bram Stoker
Through the journal entries and letters of Jonathan Harker, Mina Harker, Lucy Westenra and Dr. Seward we learn of their encounters with Count Dracula and the hunt they plan in order to stop him. Order Info: SBN 185326086X, Wordsworth Classics, 1897 (There are many editions of Dracula available from various publishers. Once you click on […]
Dracul: The Vampire Returns by James C. Wardlaw
"Have you ever wondered what happened to the characters in Bram Stoker's classic novel, DRACULA? What happened to the lovely Mena or to her fiancé, Jonathan Harker? How did their lives turn out after Dracula was no longer a danger—or is Dracula ever no longer a danger? Dracul: The Vampire Returns answers these questions and […]
Dracul: An Eternal Love Story by Nancy Kilpatrick
"A poignant and erotic tale of eternal love, the dreaded Count Vlad de Dracul is tormented by his addiction to blood and beautiful young women. Conflict rages on every page. The book is a novelization of DRACUL, the stage musical with two new songs". (description from the Dracul website) Also available from the site is […]
Desmond: A Novel of Love and the Modern Vampire by Ulysses G. Dietz
"Ever since Bram Stoker published Dracula in 1897, there's been a sexy aura surrounding vampire fiction--the vampire's central interaction with humans is, after all, incredibly intimate--and Anne Rice was one of the first modern writers to boldly push the genre out of the closet, beginning with Interview with the Vampire. But while Rice's vampire Lestat […]
Desmodus by Melanie Tem
While the sated women of his vampire family hibernate, the men oversee their southern-bound convoy, and one son, compelled by a dream that leaves him no peace, must overcome a great personal weakness in order to save an innocent life. (from Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN 1585865621, E-Reads, 2000
Knights of the Darkness Chronicles by D. N. Simmons
Desires Unleashed Enter a world where humans and the supernatural live together in a tenuous co-existence, where neither side trusts the other. As darkness blankets the city, an unknown terror stalks the night searching for human victims. The government funded special police force (Supernatural Unit Investigation Team) better known as the S.U.I.T. division, has assigned […]
Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
"Jessica isn't your average teenager. Though nobody at her high school knows it, she's a published author. Her vampire novel Tiger, Tiger has just come out under the pen name Ash Night. Jessica often wishes she felt as comfortable with her classmates as she does among the vampires and witches of her fiction. She has […]
Delicate Dependency, The: A Novel of the Vampire Life by Michael Talbot
Paperback Info: ISBN 038077982X, Avon Books, 1982
Deeper than the Night by Amanda Ashley
"There's something otherworldly about Alexander Claybourne. With his dark, arresting features and mesmerizing eyes, the seductive stranger looks every inch a vampire. Kara Crawford laughed at the local talk of creatures lurking in the dark, never imagining that Alex really was a vampire." (from Amazon.com) Order Info: ISBN 050552113X, Love Spell, 1996 More by Amanda […]
Deeper Hunger, A by Sabine Kells
"For years, Callie had been haunted by visions of a fierce lover, and when the mysterious Tresand enters her life and seduces her soul, she feels she has found the man of her fantasies--even if he is a vampire." (From Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN 0843935936, Leisure Books, 1994
Deep Is the Night: Night Watch by Denise A. Agnew
Inheriting a haunted house in notorious Pine Forest is the last thing Micky Gunn wanted, but escaping the Shadow People who haunted her world drove her toward the town and new terrors. When the Shadow People follow her, things go bump in the night, and weird accidents occur, Micky decides it's time to stop running […]
Deep Is the Night: Dark Fire by Denise A. Agnew
Book 1 in the Deep is the Night series Whispers, secrets and tales of ghosts abound in Pine Forest, but new librarian Erin Greenway doesn't believe in goblins. Yet the Victorian monstrosity she works in creaks and groans and speaks of horrible secrets she cannot deny. When the mysterious Scot, Lachlan Tavish, claims to be […]
Death by the Drop by Timothy Massie
"Death By The Drop is the adventurous tale of John Steele's second chance at life... though in his case this second chance means becoming one of the undead - a vampire. Don't look for the dark, brooding characters commonly found in many popular vampire novels. Our heroes are fun-loving characters, who appreciate a good joke […]
Deadly Obsession by Patricia A. Rasey
"A killer is loose who has a taste for human blood. Cole presses harder into the investigation, but the body count climbs. He has personal reasons for detesting the press, so sparks fly when Laurie hounds him for a story. Fate forces them to join forces, neither one anticipating the attraction that ensues. But just […]
Dead Walkers: The Protectorate by Angelique Armae
Book 1 of the DEAD WALKERS Vampire Series. In Regency Ireland, a dark legacy re-emerges from the depths of the Vampire realm, leaving three souls trapped between two worlds... Donovan Bramwell is a dead walker, a soul who walks on the dark side of life. He's also heir to an ancient Celtic vampire kingdom and […]
Daylight by Elizabeth Knox
"Brian “Bad” Phelan, a New Zealand policeman and bomb disposal expert, likes to live dangerously. Bad is an expert climber and caver and, while on vacation on the French/Italian border, he helps bring a body out of a rocky, wave-swept cove. Curiously, the dead woman bears striking similarities to a young woman he met years […]
Dawn of the Vampire by William Hill
"Wreythville's cemetery had rested quietly under South Holston Lake, but now the receding waters exposed an island of graves. And as the tombstones emerged, so did the unstaked dead that had been buried beneath them. Freed, the ancient breed of vampires arose with a frightful new power, seeking vengeance." (from Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN 0786005378, […]
Daughters of the Moon by Joseph Curtin
Paperback Info: ISBN 0786013095, Pinnacle Books
Daughter of Darkness by Steven Spruill
"Dr. Jenn Hrluska is young, beautiful, and everyone's choice for best intern at Washington, D.C.'s Adams Memorial hospital. When she finds the freshly killed body of a stranger on her doorstep, her initial shock turns to an irresistible thirst for the blood surrounding the body, for Jenn is a hemophage: her life depends on feeding […]
Darkspawn by Lois Tilton
For years, Lois Tilton has thrilled readers with her innovative and unconventional takes on the world of the undead. Now, in a publishing milestone, Tilton has written a book unlike any that came before, an epic fantasy--with a vampire as its hero. Lord Emre Bakhany, the vampire prince of Kharithyna, was buried alive three hundred […]
Darksome Thirst by Morven Westfield
"What happens when a logical, no-nonsense computer operator encounters a vampire among the machinery? When Alicia Anderson first became aware of the shadows in the computer room, she dismissed them as figments of an overactive imagination. Meanwhile, fledgling witch Matricaria has begun to receive psychic messages - vivid dreams and tarot card readings - that […]
Darkness Therein, The by Kate Hill
"Nothing could thwart a vampire’s revenge--except the love of one woman. The Student: Charlie is not your average art major. She paints with historical accuracy people and places she’s never seen. It’s the psychic call of her most recent portrait which lures her into midnight danger and a meeting with her destined mentor, the most […]
Darkness on the Ice by Lois Tilton
"Wolff--a Nazi SS officer and a vampire--thirsts for human blood like never before when he is assigned to a weather station in Greenland, and with enemies in scarce supply, he begins feeding on his fellow Germans." (from Amazon.com) Book Info: ISBN 155817687X, Pinnacle Books, 1993 More by Lois Tilton: View All Books
Darkhour Vampires: Captivity by Linda Suzane
"The mutilated bodies of two teenagers and a third one missing in the Oregon woods... A body apparently stolen from the San Francisco morgue and a wino brutally murdered... To the vampire, Dr. Donovan Reed, these are clues that there is a newborn vampire hiding in the dark shadows, driven by blood hunger to kill, […]
Darker Dream, A by Amanda Ashley
"In all his 400 years, Rayven had never met a woman like Rhianna. Her father had sold her to Rayven to put food on the table. Now, although Rhianna senses danger beneath his soft-spoken manner, although Rayven himself warns her away, Rhianna is drawn to this creature of the night, and loves him as she […]
Dark Salvation by Jennifer Dunne
"Desmond Lacroix is on the front lines of battle between science and magic, with the life of his young daughter at stake. When investigative reporter Rebecca Morgan tries to expose him, she is drawn into the battle... and into his bed. Will she save the girl only to become a bloody sacrifice herself?" (from back […]
Dark Rapture by Michele Hauf
"Falling hopelessly in love with the seductive Sebastian DelaCourte, Scarlet Rose is stunned by his dark secret and is swept back in time to eighteenth-century Paris, where she must change history or enter Sebastian's world. " (from Amazon.com) Sequel: Wicked Angels Paperback Info: ISBN 0821755528, Kensington Pub Corp., 1997
Dark Hunger by Mayra Calvani
"Drawn inexplicably to mystical and supernatural, Alana takes the hostess job for the restaurant and nightclub, La Cueva del Vampiro. But then, the dreams begin again, dreams of a dangerous, powerful creature, dreams that are so unspeakably real they take her breath away. Then one night she meets him, the face in her dreams, the […]
Dark Dreams by Jane Harrison
"Mysterious photographer Victor Augustin, a dark angel struggling against the evil forces that would claim his mortal soul, is drawn to the orphaned Lucy Bry, feelings that could redeem him--or consign them both to the fires of damnation, forever." (from Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN: 0821754203, Kensington Pub., 1996
Dark Changeling by Margaret L. Carter
"A successful, middle-aged psychiatrist tormented by an unquenchable lust for blood... A vampire serial killer on the rampage... At the age of forty, Dr. Roger Darvell discovers that he is no ordinary man. He also discovers that vampires exist, and that a few of them kill as wantonly and cruelly as any monster in a […]
Dark Blood of Poppies, The by Freda Warrington
"The ballerina Violette Lenoir has fallen victim to the bite of the vampire Charlotte. Her fire and energy have fuelled a terrifying change and lead her to a dreadful realisation--she has become Lilith, the demon mother of all vampires. Haunted both by what she has done and Violette's dark sensuality, Charlotte and her immortal lover […]
Dance with the Dragon by E.F. Watkins
"Peggy Walsh, the teenaged daughter of Senator Dan Walsh, is kidnapped into a dangerous cult, the Church of Eternal Life. When the FBI tries to get her back and fails, the senator accepts help from super-psychic Dr. Armand Renascut. Renascut warns him that cult leader Stephen Farkas may possess real supernatural powers—that he and some […]
Curse of the Vampire by David A. Wilson
Resurrected vampire Boris Malenkov journeys to the small Georgia town of Mayfield, during the Civil War, to get revenge on the family of the man who had put him to rest, forty-four years before... Mayfield’s doctor, Dr. Weyman Holbrook, is lost in battling the strange evil that is killing his fellow citizens...But help comes in […]
Crimson Shadows by Trisha Baker
Paperback Info: ISBN 078601556X, Pinnacle Books, 2003 More from Trisha Baker: View All Books
Crimson Night by Trisha Baker
Paperback Info: ISBN 0786014172, Pinnacle Books, 2002 More from Trisha Baker: View All Books
Crimson Kiss by Trisha Baker
"Maghann O'Neill thought she had killed her evil master, Simon Baldevar, decades ago. She was wrong. During her freedom, Maggie had been learning to control blood lust, finish school to become a psychologist to help abused human wives and children, and learning all she could of her vampire powers from Alcuin (as his apprentice). But […]
Crimson Hours by Susan Phelan
"Do you believe in vampires? Exposed in this titillating trio of distinctly different stories is the possibility that all around the world at any given time of the night, people are interacting with the undead sometimes unwittingly. Certainly there are those who welcome, even seek out, the immortal, as is the case with Samantha, an […]
Crimson Dreams by Margaret L. Carter
"The summer when Heather was eighteen, her dream beast's nightly visits warded off loneliness and swept her away in flights of ecstasy. Now, returning to the mountains to sell her dead parents' vacation cabin, she finds her "beast" again. But he turns out to be more than a dream, and she is not the only […]
Cowboy and the Vampire, The: A Very Unusual Romance by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFaul
"Are you thirstin' for a Bloodscootin' and Blood-tinglin' Romance in an Apocalyptic, Comedic, Vampire Thriller? Reporter Lizzie Vaughn doesn't know it but she has 2000 years of royal vampire blood coursing through her veins. Tucker, her cowboy boyfriend of six months, doesn't realize that his life and hers are about to take as many twists […]
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