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Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde
"Kerry Nowicki helps a young man escape from three other men who claim he is a vampire and, when her father and little brother are kidnapped, Kerry joins forces--and falls in love with--the accused vampire." (from Amazon.com) Hardcover Info: ISBN 0152002219, Harcourt Brace, 1995 (Shown) Paperback Info: ISBN 0152166696, Magic Carpet Books, 2002
Come the Night by Angelique Armae
"In medieval Ireland, an evil entity stalks Lazarus Conlon, Vampyre patriarch, threatening the safety of his wife and his family tribe. But to conquer this enemy, Lazarus must first fight his own demons including a sacred heritage descended of fallen angels. Amid this strife, Lazarus learns his only true hope rests within the heart and […]
Children of the Night: A Diana Tregarde Investigation by Mercedes Lackey
"Diana Tregarde finds unexpected danger in New York--a rock band of psi-vampires that feed on strong negative emotions--and soon this practicing witch allies herself with Andre LeBrel, a true vampire who intends to destroy this musical menace." (from Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN 0812522729, Tor Books, 1994 (reissue)
Children of the Night by Dan Simmons
While working on a rare blood disease problem in Romania, hematologist Kate Neuman decides to adopt a seven month old boy that requires biweekly blood transfusions to survive. She discovers that baby Joshua's unique immune system holds the keys to a cure for cancer and AIDS, but just when research promises a breakthrough the boy […]
Celic by Jayne Waggoner
"Celic, a nineteen-year-old college student, is given a potion by an ex-girlfriend. He is transformed into a vampire and a carrier of a virus. Within weeks, he is staked through the heart and rests in a casket as bones for almost one hundred years before being sold to a wealthy attorney. As he is transported […]
Cave of Terror by Amber Dawn Bell
"Do you believe in vampires? I sure didn't. Not until on my 16th birthday when I discovered I'm anything but human. And to add the cherry on the freaky sundae called my life, I'm the first Vânator born in over 500 years. You see, it means I'm destined to be a hunter of evil. That's […]
Carmilla: The Return by Kyle Marffin
"Kyle Marffin debuts with a provocative modern day retelling of Sheridan LeFanu's classic 19th century novella, resurrecting the genre's most notorious female vampire - the seductive Countess Carmilla Karnstein. Revealing her unwritten history while replaying the events of the original classic tale, Carmilla relentlessly stalks an unsuspecting victim through glittering city streets to the desolate […]
Carmilla: A Vampyre Tale (Audiobook) by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Narrated by Megan Follows. When an accident occurs on a road near their castle, Laura and her father take in the stranded survivor. Carmilla and Laura both appear young, beautiful, and innocent. But one is an ageless vampire; the other, an unsuspecting victim. True to vampire rituals involving blood, fear of dying, and obsessive eroticism, […]
Bring on the Night by Don & Jay Davis
"From the critically praised authors of Sins of the Flesh comes a terrifying novel of supernatural suspense. Two serial killers--a vampire and a vampire-hunter--stalk the streets and back alleys of Chicago in a stretch limo, offering immortality to the callously cruel, but enormously wealthy, members of the jet set. Original." (from Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN […]
Bound in Blood: The Erotic Journey of a Vampire by David Thomas Lord
"Will our era of technological marvels lead to genetically engineering a new, immortal "generation" of fangless vampires? After all, handsome, blond Jack, aka wealthy Parisian Jean-Luc Courbet, sometimes replaces old-fashioned canine teeth with two-inch, folding, stainless steel blades. The gay and independently wealthy art collector, who writes articles for art journals and magazines for his […]
Book of the Dark, The by William Meikle
"Two boys in the West of Scotland awaken an ancient vampire. The only way to stop it is in the power of a book, a bible detailing the dark religion of the Vampires. But time is running out, and the sun is getting low. Are you afraid of the dark? You should be." (summary from […]
Book of Common Dread, The by Brent Monahan
"Modern vampire Vincent DeVilbiss travels to Princeton University to destroy an ancient cuneiform scroll being translated before the scroll's powers can be turned against the inhabitants of the underworld." (from Amazon.com) Order Info: ISBN 0312093497 More by Brent Monahan: The Blood of the Covenant
Blythe: NightVision by David Quinn, illustrated by Hannibal King
A compilation of six comic books about the two hundred plus year old vampire, Blythe, one of the many a victims of a "romance-era weird-science genetic engineering experiment". Blythe's role is to hunt down other victims of the experiment and destroy them. Order Info: ISBN 0966644301, Thorby Enterprises, 1998
Blue Dawn Over Gettysburg: A Supernatural Tale of Union Victory by Joe DeSantis
Special Offer from the Author: Order Blue Dawn Over Gettysburg directly from Joe DeSantis for $15 US (shipping included) and have anything you like inscribed in the book. To order your copy email Joe at jdesantis@mail2world.com "It is the early spring of 1860; a Pennsylvania college student is sent to a remote Louisiana plantation to […]
BloodWind by Charlotte Boyett-Compo
"As a member of the Resistance, Dr. Bridget Dunne's assignment is to tame the Prince Reaper Kamerone Cree. Though she fears the Shapeshifter, she knows the only way her fellow captives will ever know freedom is to bring the Iceman Cree over to their side. Athough totally dedicated to upholding the ideals of the brutal […]
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story by Christopher Moore
"From the author of Practical Demonkeeping and Coyote Blue comes a wildly inventive tale of vampires on the loose and in love in San Francisco. When a beautiful woman named Jody entered Tommy Flood's life, she changes it for all eternity. Jody is a vampire who sets her sights on Tommy. Their ensuing romance is […]
Bloodsong by Karen Marie Christa Minns
"She trembled. The bird was still. In a state of shock, its body had gone limp. Its eyes were dull, glazed, its beak slightly open, its breath infinitesimal. Instead of horror at her deed, she felt excited by the sight of the bird's comatose body. She reached for the cowering female, scooping it from the […]
Bloodshift by Garfield Reeves-Stevens
"In London, crossbow wielding Jesuits and superhuman assassins battle to the death over an unidentified coffin. In Washington, the top secret Nevada Project struggles to hide the truth behind its deadly viral research. And in New York, the members of an ancient cult plot to kill one of their own... to keep him from revealing […]
Blood Will Tell by Jean Lorrah
"What is the difference between Good and Evil? Both Good and Evil people have needs. The difference between Good and Evil is not in what is needed. It is in what will be done to sustain Life. Both Good and Evil people face death if their needs are not met -- death of the soul, […]
Blood Walk by Lee Killough
Includes two books: Blood Hunt and Bloodlinks "Garreth Mikaelian, a dedicated police officer, runs into more than he counted on when he investigates a very peculiar murder. This leads him to Lane Barber-Young, beautiful, hypnotic, and a vampire. Now Garreth is a vampire also, but the books on the legends and lore of vampirism don't […]
Blood Rose by Sharon Page
Sequel to Blood Red. "Serena Lark’s erotic dreams of vampires are so vivid, so intense... could she be one? Drake Swift and Lord Sommersby, two daring vampire hunters, might know the truth about her past-and her future. The trio searches the dark streets of London for answers. She cannot say no when Sommersby and Drake […]
Blood Road by Edo Van Belkom
Paperback Info: ISBN 0786015632, Pinnacle Books
Blood Red by Sharon Page
"Althea Yates is a vampire hunter, skilled with the crossbow and the stake. But she knows nothing of a man’s touch—or how to control the unladylike dreams that haunt her sleep. That is when they come, two men of unearthly beauty who ravish her in sweet carnal games, taking her to the precipice of exquisite […]
Blood Red: A Vampires Love Story by J.C. Brinson-Untiet
This is the story of a spirited Irish lass named Kathleen O'Brien who lives in a village full of dark intrigue. Death seems to come on a dark wing. When she is but 13 her family, fearing for her life, sends her to Dublin to Saint Bridgett's Convent, hoping to keep her safe. But Kathleen, […]
Blood Prophet by John Michael Curlovich
Sequel to: The Blood of Kings "The gripping sequel to John Michael Curlovich's best-selling Blood of Kings, found 21-year-old Jamie Dunn desperately searching for his lover and mentor Danilo Semenkaru, a charismatic vampire who had initiated Jamie into a blood cult of ancient kings before vanishing. Jamie returns to Egypt, the place he last saw […]
Blood of the Templar by D. H. Nations
"Josephine Mowbray flees the butchering of her family at the hand of the Isma'ilites and stumbles into the protecting arms of the Knights Templar. But the Templar are not what they seem, and their mystery will lead Josephine on a journey that changes the very blood in her veins and condemns her to the world […]
Vampire Memories Series by Barb Hendee
Blood Memories "Eleisha Clevon has the face of a teen angel, but she is no angel. Unlike most vampires, she doesn't like to kill, but self-preservation comes first. When an old friend destroys himself by walking into sunlight right in front of her, Eleisha is shocked. And what she finds afterward points to how very […]
Blood of Kings, The by John Michael Curlovich
"The University of Pittsburgh campus is anything but quiet the summer Jamie, a hunky college sophomore, feeling brokenhearted after being dumped by his first boyfriend, decides to audit a summer class on Egyptology taught by the magnetic Dr. Danilo. Several of the university's star athletes are then found murdered, their bodies completely desiccated, but Jamie […]
Blood of the Goddess, The by William Schindler
A Dutch merchant marine arrives in India in 1612 and is abducted by a mysterious stranger with a horrible secret who claims he is the sailor's immortal teacher and lover from a past life. The two trek together into the Himalayas in search of a secret shrine of the Goddess where the young man is […]
Blood of the Covenant, The by Brent Monahan
"Continuing where The Book of Common Dread left off, this work resumes with the vampire DeVilbiss dead and Simon and Frederika on the run, scrolls in tow. However, an ancient vampire has been sent in pursuit, the last of his kind--a brutal monster that once tutored Vlad Tepes in the art of massacre. But is […]
Blood Lust by Michelle Clay
Sequel to: Blood Donor "A Lycanthrope is killing vampires and scattering body parts across town. Much to the police department’s displeasure, private investigator Mina Black gets involved. Her newest client is a member of the Vampire Council and has asked her to look into the murders. Little does Mina know, she has won the attention […]
Blood Legacy: The Novel by Kerri Hawkins
In the spirit of Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, Marvel`s Blade the Vampire Hunter series and UPN`s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Blood Legacy: The Novel spans more than six centuries and chronicles the exploits of Ryan, a beautiful and mysterious woman whose beauty belies her true nature as an immortal warrior. This fast-paced novel […]
Blood is Thicker Than Water by Wynette A. Hoffman
"Romance, laughter and gunplay result when Amy Reilly, a rebel without a cause, and her brother Paul Reilly, an occult store owner, discover that there are vampires in the really real world and you can haunt your ancient relatives. Add a meddling goddess, witchcraft, reincarnation, some elitist bloodsuckers and a vampire feud and you have […]
Blood Is the New Black: A Novel by Valerie Stivers
"When nice-girl Kate McGraw finds herself working at Tasty, a magazine with its finger on the pulse of modern style, she’s finally able to put her flair for fashion to good use. But can she keep up with the Tasty staffers? Ethereally beautiful and extremely emaciated, they stay out all night, never look the worse […]
Blood Groove by Alex Bledsoe
"When centuries-old vampire Baron Rudolfo Zginski was staked in Wales in 1915, the last thing he expected was to reawaken in Memphis, Tennessee, sixty years later. Reborn into a new world of simmering racial tensions, the cunning nosferatu realizes he must adapt quickly if he is to survive. Finding willing victims is easy, as Zginski […]
Blood Dreaming: A Collection of Gothic Ku by Lewis Sanders
eBook Info: ISBN 1877047015, The Writer's Garret
Blood Feud by Sam Siciliano
"A master of manipulation with the power to take life and grant unlife prowls the streets using men as pawns and turning women into victims--all the time thirsting for the death of the woman he once loved." (from Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN 0786014288, Pinnacle Books, 2001 More by Sam Siciliano: Blood Farm
Blood Farm by Sam Siciliano
Paperback Info: ISBN 051700660X, Random House, 1988 More by Sam Siciliano: Blood Feud
Blood Donor by Michelle Clay
"Private investigator, Mina Black, uncovers the horrible truth about the patients at Paradise Regional. Their blood is being contaminated as part of a gruesome experiment done by the Vampire Council to create a new breed that can rise during the day. Mina quickly becomes involved in a fight for survival when they decide to use […]
Blood Covenant by Mary Lamb
"How will the staunchly Christian members of a Victorian family deal with one of Christendom's most abhorrent creatures a bloodthirsty vampire? Hannah Kristan enters the blood drinker's domain, believing her beloved husband dead. But Adrian waits, a changed man, for his grieving bride! Angela Marshall is brought to believe. But will Christian charity save her […]
Blood Bytes by Susan Phelan
"It's New York City, way way in the future and many things have changed like the legalization of sex for hire and the popularity of the undead in the world's oldest profession. Conversely, the unreliability of males, immortal or human, remains a constant, or at least that's what Detective Tess Monterey has deduced after a […]
Blood Bond by Suzy Miner
"In a world where shape shifters and vampires are real, they fight for their right to be free from human oppression. Angella: God has given Angella special gifts when it comes to vampires. Angella knows what it’s like to be brutally assaulted by vampires, and she’s not taking any chances. She must overcome her fears […]
Blood Bar: A Vampire Tale by Norm Applegate
Vampires don't exist....yet, on the brownstone back alley side streets of New York, a vampire dies. Desperate, his lover turns to Kim Bennett, author Norm Applegate's (Into the Basement) quintessential heroine whose passion for S&M led to celebrity status as a hell-and-back murder mystery sleuth who's been there, done that, and then some. This time, […]
Blood and Chrysanthemums by Nancy Baker
"Becoming a vampire was easier than she ever dreamed... Living as a vampire was more complicated than she ever expected... Understanding what it means to be a vampire would prove harder than she ever imagined..." (from back cover of book) Paperback Info: ISBN 0670856223, Penguin Books, 1994 More by Nancy Baker: View All Books
Blood: The Last Vampire by Benkyo Tamaoki
"This graphic novel is based on Blood: The Last Vampire, once the fastest-selling title in the history of Manga Entertainment. Benkyo Tamaoki updates this Vietnam War–era anime story to present-day Japan. The immortal Saya returns — still clad in her trademark sailor suit and armed with an ancient Samurai sword — to continue her holy […]
Black Rush by Frederick Louis Richardson
"This imaginative story begins on Her Ladyship William George, a slave ship crossing the Atlantic from 17th Century Africa to the New World with a cargo of unfortunate souls and a doomed crew in command. From a shipwreck on the shoals of an island in the Caribbean to the urban landscape of modern-day Washington, DC, […]
Bitter Things by Andrew Valentine
"Michelle Papas vows to form a new connection with her emotionally scarred husband Scott after the gruesome discovery of two bodies in Central Park unhinges him. Just over a year later, through a seemingly chance meeting at a bar in midtown Manhattan, she discovers she and Scott share a fascination with Jong, an alluring woman […]
Bite by Richard Laymon
"It's almost midnight. Cat's on the bed, facedown and naked. She's Sam's former girlfriend, the only woman he's ever loved. Sam's in the closet, with a hammer in one hand and a wooden stake in the other. Together they wait as the clock ticks down because... the vampire is coming. When Cat first appeared at […]
Batman and Dracula: Red Rain by Doug Moench, illustrated by Kelley Jones
"Graphic novel fans won't be able to resist as Dracula comes to make Gotham City his dark dominion, first preying on the homeless and then amassing an army to take on the good citizens of Gotham. Batman must forge an alliance with the undead to defeat this unholy foe in a duel that stretches beyond […]
Ancestral Hungers by Scott Baker
Young David Bathory, heir to the vampire throne, returns to his ancestral home with two choices: either claim his birthright at the cost of his immortal soul--or suffer the immediate torments of hell. It's Hades one way or the other. (from Amazon.com) Paperback Info: ISBN 0312863055, Tor Books
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